Camera Projection technique

Maybe the word Camera Projection is not strange to you, maybe you have heard and known it and this is old.But still have many people out there are looking for something like this but do not know exactly it is called to find out.

The word Camera Projection or you can call Camera Mapping , this is a really fantastic technique, this is used to turn your ordinary 2D photo into real 3D scene. That’s what you see in the sample video.

I also offer you the project file including 4 sample photos inside

And here are some examples :

Recommend :
-Watch the HD tutorial on Vimeo
-”Like” my facebook page and view the HD sample videos.



  1. Mishig says:

    You’re very talanted. I have just known your site today and checking it out.

  2. John says:

    Where did you get that beautiful music? Is it on Itunes?

  3. Zen says:

    Ive collected these scores for a long time.I cant remember which album it is . Try Brand-X, X-ray Dogs or Immediate music.You will find more cool scores there.

  4. Stacy says:

    Thatr music is amazing! I checked out those sites your provided but could find it. What is the name?

  5. Zen says:

    @Stacy : I assure the music is from X-raydog.You will find it there.

  6. Thanks for the great post.

  7. NGEn says:

    Thanks a lot it was really helpful, By the way I’ve got a quick question how would you go about trying to recreate this camera projection (
    Thanks in advance for any advise

    • Zen says:

      Ive watched the video you sent me , and I believe he used masks a lot and integrated them all. if you have a good skill in mask and blending, it’s quite easy.
      he also posted explanations right below the video.

      the background and the flour can use camera projection to settle.

      • NGEn says:

        I’ve read the explanations below the video the video as well,but the the issue I having its that I have been trying to set up the background and the floor as projection but got the background using your technique of camera projection to work but not the floor or would I need to redo the same process as you done in your tutorial about camera projection but also do you know good tutorial that could help me create something similar to the snow on that video

        Thanks again

        • Zen says:

          Oh, as you said , the camera projection was not worked for the flour right ? 1st check the “grid” for the flour of the project you are working on,without grid for the flour, the flour wont move.
          or you can pick any flour image instead and set that flour image crossed the background.
          and the snow , i recommend you to use snow footage or a plugin called “Trapcode Particular” to generate the snow effect very realistic.

  8. taha says:

    great resource, great blog
    beautiful camera motion with music.
    plz. can you send me the name of album or title, where i can get the track of x-ray dog used in the tutorial.

    best regards from tunisia

    • Zen says:

      The name of the song i used is Reverie in the album 12nd- Canis Rex I (X-ray Dog)
      and im sorry i dont keep that project file anymore.
      why don’t you give a try to recreate by following my instructions ? :) good luck

  9. Miquel Mccrudden says:

    Thank you for your post. Nice share.

  10. Sonam says:

    Thanks for ur creative video… hope u will share more creative videos …
    i would like to get some advice on CS4 After effect.. i m new user. n i love to work in this fild

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