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  • WW1 Movie Look

    WW1 Movie Look

    I thought a lot and at last I decided to make this tut, the only one reason that made me to be hesitated was “is there anybody really care about this tut?”. It was funny I intended calling it Charlot Movie Look-a great comedian in the history-after that I changed it as WW1 Movie Look. Every title I set has the purpose, if you wanna make a documentary film about war, specially old war movie.Here is the last station for [&hellip

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  • Optical FLares 1.2 released!

    Optical FLares 1.2 released!

    That’s a great news, at last Andrew has shown up his perfect plugin-Optical Flares 1.2 64-bit.Some of my new tuts could not be completed just because missing Optical Flares. Now you can upgrade your Optical Flares 1.2 on Video Copilot announcement article, of course this upgrade is free. A new outstanding tut is coming in next couple days after I make the sample and some photos for it. Subscribe now for not missing the cool tuts

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  • Camera Projection technique

    Camera Projection technique

    Maybe the word Camera Projection is not strange to you, maybe you have heard and known it and this is old.But still have many people out there are looking for something like this but do not know exactly it is called to find out. The word Camera Projection or you can call Camera Mapping , this is a really fantastic technique, this is used to turn your ordinary 2D photo into real 3D scene. That’s what you see in the [&hellip

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  • New Work With Adobe CS5

    New Work With Adobe CS5

    As you know , all CS5 packs has been released and shipped on April 30, and now you can download every product on Adobe official site such as After Effect CS5(Ae),  Photoshop CS5(Ps), Illustrator CS5(Ai)… There are some differences between After Effect CS4,Premiere CS4 and After Effect CS5,Premiere CS5 products,  if you are owning an under 4GB of RAM machine, Adobe recommend you to upgrade your memory at least 4GB of RAM.Besides, Ae and Pr CS5 just can be run [&hellip

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  • Mystic Smoke Intro

    Mystic Smoke Intro

    I love dark things, so because of that thought, I decided to make a really unique intro including the font, the color , the light and the style.As you can see, with a simple camera movement and a little bit color correction for the background , we had a really professional intro.I don’t know what you think but this is really closed to Hollywood movie intro. I’m sorry about my microphone, you may hear the voo-voo sound during the tutorial, [&hellip

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  • Legend Piramid

    Legend Piramid

    Hi, today I created a new video names Legend Piramid, in this video I made the sand, the title, the piramids and the sun in Cinema 4D and After Effect.They are all realistic. Not really perfect but somehow it is pretty good ! But this video I used pretty much texture and HDRI images,too, the HDRI I used for this video is from DOSCH HDRI : Skies. I can offer you the textures but I cannot give you the HDRI [&hellip

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  • Grief Landscape

    Grief Landscape

    This is a very cool video with the landscape-my recreate style from There was no animation used for the title but it was made and decorated to be realistic stone surface. Beside I also used the HDRI image to create a really nice dark sky. Just use the simple camera movement in Cinema 4D then you will get a really stylish shot for your video. What you should get for this video : One HDRI image in Dosch product [&hellip

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  • Transformer Title (Plus Trailer)

    Transformer Title (Plus Trailer)

    My 1st recreate trailer by combining my own title and the movie Transformers. The title is made by Cinema 4D and Illustrator , the rest is After Effect including the movie shots,sound and music. Oh and a little bit photoshop at the end shot.The Transformer title, with the transforming effect, you will get this on He has published the tutorial very clearly in Cinema 4D. I hope you like this short and spectacular movie and don’t worry, I will [&hellip

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